Welcome to the FearLess Dog Training Academy, a division of FearLess Pet. Offering solutions to dog problems, hope for dog parents and understanding for dogs.

If you want a dog that will listen to you, stay when and where you ask them to, walk nicely on leash and stop chasing the cat (or squirrel), we've got a program for you!

Some of our courses include training your dog to:

  • Sit
  • Stay (plus demos and testing)
  • Stand
  • Lie Down
  • Come reliably (plus games and testing reliability)
  • Leave It
  • Overcome Leash Reactivity
  • Walk Nicely on Leash (a 4 week plan PLUS sample training sessions)
  • Go to a Mat "Place" and stay there
  • Feel more comfortable with body Handling for better Veterinary and Grooming appointments
  • Stop Jumping
  • Stop Barking
  • Build Confidence
  • Reduce Fear


  • Puppy skills and solutions to biting, crate training, house breaking and more!
  • Handouts and guides to support your journey

Our mission is to offer training that is:

  • Effective
  • Affordable
  • Simple to understand
  • Enjoyable for all involved
  • Fun for you and your family

We are committed to offering quality dog training courses so that people can improve and enhance their relationships with their dogs. We hope that you will find everything you need here, to build and change behaviors and enjoy time with your pup!

Our Products

We have an exclusive line of safe, comfortable products to make training your dog fun and rewarding!

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Basic Manners

Your puppy will learn to sit, stay, lay down, come, leave it, drop it and take it. Each behavior is shown on video and shows details so you can perfect them!

Leash Training

Our detailed videos provide a 4 week plan to teach your dog to stop pulling on leash and pay attention to you on walks.

Puppy Training

From crate and potty training to manners and building confidence, we cover it ALL in our Perfectly Puppy Expanded Course.

Confidence Building

Confidence Building and Body Handling are important skills for a dog's well being. We will cover live demonstrations to help you help your dog.

Mat Training

No matter their age, breed or training experience, ALL dogs can learn to go to, stay and relax on a mat. Mat training is available in both of our expanded courses. For puppies and adult dogs.

Jumping Solutions

A BIG problem with some simple solutions! Step-by-step instructions and videos for jumping are included in our expanded courses.

Hi, I'm Chris Durrant. I am the Founder of The FearLess Dog Training Academy.

As a Certificated (CPDT-KA) Dog Trainer I am committed to teaching people how to bring out the best in their dogs through rewards based training and comfortable products.

I am so excited to help you change your dog's unwanted behaviors, improve their positive ones and help you to build a better relationship with them!

photo of Chris Durrant and her dog Rex from FearLess Pet